Instrument Rating Program Details

An instrument rated pilot will be able to fly in marginal visual or instrument meteorological conditions (low visibility and/or clouds). The instrument rating provides more alternatives to rerouting, rescheduling, or cancelling a flight that otherwise would be affected by imperfect weather. The instrument rating also improves piloting skills, abilities, and knowledge.

 Lesson NameGround TimeDual TimeTotal TimeXC Time
1Attitude Instrument Flying1.51.53.0 
2Full Panel Maneuvers1.01.52.5 
3Review Full Panel0.51.52.0 
4Partial Panel Maneuvers1.01.52.5 
5Equipment and System Failures1.01.52.5 
6Review Full and Partial Panel0.51.52.0 
7VOR Tracking1.01.52.5 
8VOR Navigation1.01.52.5 
9Localizer Tracking1.01.52.5 
11VOR Approaches1.01.52.5 
12NDB Approaches1.01.52.5 
13GPS Approaches1.01.52.5 
14Localizer Approaches1.01.52.5 
15ILS Approaches1.01.52.5 
16Partial Panel Approaches1.01.52.5 
17First Short Cross Country2.
18Second Short Cross Country2.
19Long Cross Country2.
20Practical Test Preparation # 
21Practical Test Preparation # 
22Practical Test Preparation # 
 Total Listed: 25.537.062.58.5
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